Sunday, March 4, 2012

Li'l Indian Girl

One day this week while playing in the back yard with one of her friends, The Girl discovered the bows and arrows we keep in our outdoor "toy bin". They've been in the bin for years, but I guess her friend's enthusiasm for them spurred a sudden interest in archery.

She has also been reading a Sacajawea biography for school. With Indians and archery on the brain, what was this little girl to do except dress the part and get some fresh air with her bows and arrows?

She asked me to braid her hair. The next thing I knew, she had created a construction paper headband, complete with a feather, placed it on her head and put on her brightly colored shawl. "Indian Girl" kept busy for a couple hours outside before the winds picked up.  She managed to shoot a couple trees but thankfully the area wildlife was spared.

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