Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dinner Out

For our anniversary dinner last Saturday night, we had planned to try someplace new. There are so many restaurants around here that although you could have just about anything you're in the mood for, choosing one thing is next to impossible (especially for indecisive people like Mr. LH and I).

On a whim, Mr. LH went online to check out the menu for The Tavern Lowery and found out that (thankfully) they returned the Buffalo Latke Reuben Sandwich to their lineup of offerings (they had removed it from the menu back in May when we took my dad there to try it).

Buffalo Latke Reuben Sandwich pictured here with my Jalapeno Skillet Cornbread
Our last taste of the delectable sandwich was back in October 2010 so we jumped in the car and headed to The Tavern for dinner. So much for trying something new...

The sunset always catches my breath and it was no exception this night
One seated, The Boy chose his huge meal for the night (he can definitely eat) then watched The Girl color her kid's menu (I think sometimes he wishes he could still get one)

He suddenly picked up one of The Girl's crayons and the rubber band that was wrapped around them and, with Mr. LH's help, started shooting them across the table at his sister.

It looked like such fun that The Girl had to try it herself. The crayon almost flew over onto the table behind us but thankfully did not. (yes, we are "those people" - the ones other people don't want to have sitting next to them in public places)

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