Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visit to the State Capitol

On Wednesday, February 8th 2012, Mr. LH was up bright and early driving toward the Colorado State Capitol building to join other filmmakers, media professionals, content creators, and local businesses in support of the Colorado Film Incentives proposal.

He didn't particularly want to get up so early and face downtown traffic but the cause was a good one. If Colorado raised their incentives for film production, more films would come to Colorado producing countless jobs and increasing local revenue.

Not only was he able to go to show his support, but he also had a chance to see our new state capitol building up close. I have never been there and neither have the "Pickles". I believe I only visited the NC capitol building once...for a 7th grade field trip. But 2 1/2hours was a long way to drive to visit a capitol building. Now we only live about 20 minutes from it.

From the photos he took, I think we're going to make time this summer to visit. It is definitely an impressive place!

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