Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Looking Towards Spring

Whenever I start to wish winter would take all the snow and cold and just go away, I remind myself how incredibly hot it was here last summer. Then I sit back, relax and watch the snow gracefully fall to the ground.

Still, in those afternoons with hot chocolate and a warm blanket around me, I grab my latest flower catalog and think about Spring and dirt and planting. Spring seemed practically non-existent last year. I've pinned it down to a couple weeks somewhere in May or June. One week it was snowing and the next week we were wearing shorts and getting sunburned. So I guess I really just start thinking about dirt and planting more than I think about Spring.

Most of my thoughts this year have been geared toward saving the plants I already have rather than what new ones will be planted. Last October, I pulled in my container plants. I don't have many - some Columbine, a Clematis and the Hydrangea that Mr. LH got me for Valentine's Day last year.  I didn't know if they would survive in the garage all winter (no sunshine) and I didn't have much space to keep them inside especially when they were dormant and just looked like dead plants. But I really didn't think container plants would survive below zero temperatures outside. I was definitely worried about them. Especially my hydrangea. I love hydrangeas! I didn't water them much but I would take some snow to them once in awhile to slowly melt into the soil.

Fast forward several months. I got so sick of worrying about it that I brought my hydrangea inside and placed it on the floor by a sunny window. The only thing I had previously done was to prune the spent flowers from the limbs. It really looks like a plant in mid-winter...sad, dried up and waiting for better times.

After only a week in it's new spot, and with regular watering, the hydrangea sprang to life. First one, then two and now a cluster of new leaves are all shooting up from the base of the plant. BIG sigh of relief!

There is great excitement in watching plants grow...and even more excitement in watching a sleeping plant awaken.

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