Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Gook-A-Mol-E Tree

Okay, Guacamole...but we call it Gook-A-Mol-E around here. While I was grocery shopping yesterday, I noticed the avocados were on sale and suddenly I had a craving for guacamole. Interesting how that happens, huh? I grabbed 2 of them because I can hog quite a bit of guacamole.

Of course, while Mr. LH was cutting them open because he makes the guac around here, he asked if we were going to try to sprout the pits. Why not? We haven't done that yet. And though our "sunny window" spots are practically non-existent, I figured I could create someplace to keep the dishes for the next couple months while the avocado pits do their thing. I HAD been considering installing shelving right in front of the windows, hadn't I? Yes, I have. Glass shelves. Right across the front of the windows. I could use that extra space for houseplants...and avocados. But then I read from the experts (The California Avocado Commission) that you need a warm place out of direct sunlight. THAT was much easier to provide!

So while Mr. LH finished making the guacamole, I proceeded to prep the pits...toothpicks, water, etc.

I do hope they do well. These were organic avocados so maybe they'll have a better chance of sprouting. And I have heard they could take three months or more to get to the planting stage. That would put us into Spring - the perfect time to move them outside for a bit of sun each day.

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Joy said...

Ours took right at 3 months to sprout. I thought all was lost, but one day a little root came out of the bottom. Ours is pretty large now and needs to be repotted, but I have no idea where to put it since I can't plant it outside. Guess I need to clear a spot in the bay window...

Trish said...

That's usually the problem...where to put another houseplant. But you should be able to leave it outside for most of the Spring through the Fall. Our "outdoor weather" doesn't start until June here and ends sometime in September so if these avocados do well, I'll be looking for a spot to winter them :) Will just suggested we find a house with a greenhouse or a solarium. THAT would be nice :)