Thursday, January 26, 2012

My New Toy

I got what I wanted for Christmas, though I didn't expect it this year. Am empire red KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I've wanted one for years but we just couldn't justify paying so much for a mixer. It's so pretty and smooth that I have to reach out to touch it every time I walk by it.

I couldn't wait to try mixing something in it so I made a batch of pumpkin bread on Christmas Day. I thought about making more doughnuts before the "Pickles" had to start back to school, but wound up mixing Mr. LH's pizza dough one day and my biscuit dough the next. It's mixed up muffins, cookies and even Mr. LH's celebration cake.

If I let the mixer sit idle for a couple or three days, Mr. LH asks if I even like I am determined to make sure he knows it's getting used...a LOT. In fact, it's permanent spot is on the counter...NOT in a cabinet (it's too heavy to lift out of a cabinet anyway).

I'm looking forward to making my buttercream icing in it. The icing gets too stiff to mix with my hand-held mixer (and it's actually what killed my Sunbeam mixer several years ago). But the next recipe to be whipped up in this is doughnuts.

Now to start checking out the accessories for this baby...

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