Thursday, December 1, 2011

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

Last year, we got the year's newest version of the Lego City Advent Calendar. The Boy had his heart set on a Pirate Lego Advent Calendar this year but Lego didn't make one. I could have bought one from a previous year at Amazon or on eBay, but the prices were almost double their original retail. Instead, I got the first ever limited-edition Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, which pleased all the Star Wars fans in the house (including - and probably most especially - Mr. LH). It sounds impressive, but if they had a Pirate set or even a Lego Kingdoms set available this year, I probably would have opted for one of those instead. Still, after three years of the City versions (it has a different "theme" every year), we were ready for something different - whatever it was.

Thank heavens there were still some of this version available when I went online to buy it. The advent calendars had been available for a couple months and I kept putting off buying one. Maybe I was hoping they would decide at the last minute to release a Pirate version? I wasn't sure what to expect from it though I knew it included 8 Star Wars mini-figures including a Santa Yoda (though I'd prefer a regular Yoda). I already had a Star Wars Lego Mini-figure character encyclopedia stashed away for The Boy's birthday or Christmas (I haven't yet decided which) so the additional mini-figures would be a great addition to that.

This is the fourth year we've used the Lego Advent Calendar as part of our traditional Christmas celebration.  It helps to distract the "Pickles" from the other presents under the tree and the morning ritual of opening up one compartment helps motivate both of them to get ready for school earlier (they aren't allowed to open the day's compartment until they are ready for school). This morning, the advent calendar was set up and waiting for our annual tradition to start. Unfortunately, with the "welcoming" first December snow (about 5 inches - Mr. LH won that poll), The Boy had to get out the door extra early this morning and the advent calendar had to wait for a few hours more until everyone had returned from school.

We decided The Boy should open all the odd numbered days because his birthday fell on Dec. 17th - an odd numbered day. The Girl was disappointed she couldn't go first until we reminded her that she would get to open the last one on Christmas Eve.

So with great excitement, The Boy opened the first panel...

And with The Girl's help, assembled  it...

And the result for Day 1...

Ummm...I don't know. The Boy said it's the shuttle from the beginning of Episode 1 (how does he remember that?). Well anyway, they're ready for Day 2.

Note: I found out it's called a Republic Cruiser

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