Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crocheted Water Bottle Holders

I was looking for something to make for my mom for Christmas and decided on a water bottle holder with a shoulder strap. She carries water with her everywhere in a reusable bottle and a holder would free up her (already full) hands. I found several patterns that were okay, but nothing that I really liked, so I started experimenting. First by making one for myself (in brown, of course) and then by making one for someone else.

Then yet another for The Girl...

I finally got the technique down when I realized I would have to wait until Mom actually arrived so I could size the holder to her water bottle (as you can see in the pictures, not all water bottles are created equal).

Once Mom arrived, I was able to finish hers up rather quickly - along with another (with a loop for clipping to a belt loop) for her boyfriend. (their actual water bottles are taller than the one shown here)

Mom decided to make one, too!

Update: I've written out a pattern for making these crocheted water bottle holders. You can find it here.

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Joy said...

Those are so cute! Please say hello to your mom for me!

Trish said...

I sure will! Thank you!