Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cookies

I finally got a chance to start baking the Christmas cookies! I don't do this because it's expected from all the lucky recipients. I do this because I look forward to it every year. I usually give away most of the cookies but I don't think I'll be shipping any cookies this year. It's just gotten so expensive!

This year, I wanted to try out a Williams-Sonoma Cookie Press I picked up months ago at a thrift store. It was missing 2 of the cookie discs, but with 16 discs left to choose from, I thought $2 was a bargain!

I was able to find a butter cookie dough recipe on the Martha Stewart website that can be used for Cookie Presses. Once I figured out the best way to use the cookie press (It didn't come with instructions), things went smoothly. I discovered that some of the designs worked much better than others, though. The Girl had fun covering everything with a combination of red and green sugar sprinkles (you can see those at the front of the picture).

I also made my annual batch of Snow Covered Crescent Cookies. I make them into balls or discs, though instead of making them crescent shape. I always had trouble with the crescent shapes breaking. Maybe I should call them Almond Snowball Cookie Bites or something like that.

I've still got the buckeyes to make (Mr. LH suggested that Santa would REALLY appreciate Buckeyes and The Boy mentioned that he would like them himself) and The Girl wants to make gingerbread men (and women and children) this weekend. Maybe if there's time we can make the fudge, Magic Cookie Bars and Peppermint Bark, too.

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