Sunday, December 11, 2011

Amigurumi Lego Mini-figure - The Hands

I have had to resort to making this guy even when The Boy was in the house. Time is running out so I hide away in my bedroom and crochet like mad trying to get pieces right. Thankfully, the hands went together better than I had hoped.

I didn't want to use wire and though I thought about it, I wanted to avoid plastic canvas if I could. But the curved claw-like hand posed a challenge. I wound up making a rectangle and then SC around the edges making 1 decrease in the center of each of the two longer sides on my first round. Then I followed by making 2 decreases in each center on my second round.

The decreases pull the hand into a curve. Once the hands were stitched to the arms, the hands held their shape better, but they do need to be "re-shaped" after playing.

With the hands attached to the arms, I went ahead and attached the arms to the torso using the large 12mm safety eyes I inserted into the arms.

And the I stitched the head to the torso.

I think he's coming along nicely. It's amazing how motivating it is to see a project start to really take shape...

Now to get the hips and easy task, I think...

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Judy L. said...

Wow!That is cool I can't do that but to those who can you go girl!!