Friday, November 18, 2011

Amigurumi Lego Mini-figure

Mr. LH suggested to me back in September that I should try to make an amigurumi Lego mini-figure for The Boy. That sounded like a great idea to me but I couldn't find a pattern anywhere. In fact, all I could find was this sketch on Flicker that someone planned to turn into a mini-figure someday and this one, that while now completed, it MUCH too big for what I want (though I'm sure The Boy would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one this size!!!). I also found a great looking plush mini-figure which unfortunately is no longer available for purchase.

Since I couldn't find a pattern, that meant I would have to create my own pattern (ugh) and experiment (double ugh) so the project was put on the back burner for awhile (although I would occasionally think about it while trying to go to sleep at night - which made it especially difficult to go to sleep).

Several things came together to make me decide to at least TRY to create a Lego mini-figure. First, I found the graph paper that had been lost for several months. This was important since I knew I would have to draw it out to get a visual idea of what I was doing. Second, Christmas AND The Boy's birthday were both right around the corner and I was at a loss as to what things I could make/buy for him. And finally, I had just finished making a stocking cap for my best friend and was still in the mood to continue crocheting. So I picked up my graph paper and began to draw out what had been on my mind for a couple months.

 I needed to use one of The Boy's mini-figures to determine the correct proportions so I chose "Bob" - the same one I used as a model for his birthday cake. I pulled him apart and compared heights and widths of each piece.

Then I was able to draw out a sketch on graph paper of how I thought this guy should go together. Already, this was a ton of work and I had little time to spare - but I knew The Boy would love the finished product.

Then I started on the "prototype". This guy, I could tell, would be a bit smaller than I had envisioned for The Boy, but that's the way I drew it out, too. Do the small guy, work out the bugs and then move up to the bigger one. At this point I thought I should just crochet a mini-figure picture onto a pillow or something...

I got the head done, though the face wasn't quite right.

Then I started working on the shirt. Since mini-figures have so many 90 angles, I was not going to be able to make this quite like other projects I had made before. I thought I would try to make it in pieces, like a sewing pattern, and then stitch the pieces together. For the shirt, I started at the front bottom and did the front up to the neck, across the shoulder and then down the back. The sides would be small separate pieces (only 4 SC x 9 rows) that would then be stitched to the rest of the shirt body. The bottom would be left open since it would be stitched to the base. Though wouldn't it be cool to do all the pieces separate and then use snaps or Velcro to attach them? Then you could make interchangeable pieces of crocheted Lego! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

I was able to get the sketch done and as far as the main part of the shirt before it was time to get the "Pickles" from school. The rest would have to wait until after bedtime...or wait for another blast of motivation...

Part 1: Getting Started
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Part 7: The Pattern - complete your own crochet Lego Minifigure

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Dhini said...

I would love to make it the head of lego (the mini one) but it`s easer for me if you have tutorial film/vidoe