Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trimming The Tree

It's that time of year again! The weekend after Thanksgiving means it's time to pull out the Christmas Tree and all the ornaments! We put up the tree and added the lights yesterday and the holiday wreaths were hung on the front windows earlier in the day. We were ready to finish up and decorate the tree!

We make or buy an ornament every year. It's really nice to unpack each of them and remember how we acquired it - even if the story is nothing but a memory of all of us surrounding an ornament kiosk at the mall choosing "the perfect one" (which is the story of last year's "Colorado Style" ornament).

The new one this year is a gold plated aspen leaf (a real leaf) that we got in Georgetown, CO on one of our trips through there. The aspen trees are so beautiful here! It seemed fitting for us to have an aspen leaf be a part of our Christmas tree.

Most of our ornaments are ones that all three of the kids have made throughout the years like this one that The Girl created during our day at Christmas In The Soddies last year:

...but some are from my childhood like my favorite beaded ornament that my mom made a loooong time ago:

...and an angel I made from construction paper and tissue paper in preschool:

 There is even a glass ornament that Mr. LH made back when he was in 5th grade!

With such a strange collection of ornaments, our tree winds up looking pretty old-fashioned, but I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, the matching store-bought glass ball ornaments usually wind up staying in their boxes, never making it to the tree.

The "Pickles" did a great job and Mr. LH topped the tree with our familiar angel. All we need now is to make a popcorn garland but we never do - we'd wind up eating more popcorn than we would string.

With the main tree done, we moved on to the miniature tree. For years, my best friend and I gave each child a miniature ornament from Hallmark. We have quite a collection of Hallmark miniatures and other teeny ornaments now and they wouldn't all fit on our usual mini tree. In fact, last year, we had to leave half of the mini ornaments off the tree! So this year, we left the 12 inch tree in the storage box and had a bigger tree ready to decorate instead - about 2 feet high. We placed it on the window shelf by the front windows.

Let the Christmas season begin!

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SilerLiningSkipper said...

Wonderful post, we wish we had been there to see it all unfold.