Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeing Santa

Yesterday, Mr. LH had a meeting with a potential client in the Northfield Stapleton Shopping Center so he asked if I thought the "Pickles" and I would like to browse through Bass Pro Shop or other stores while he was at his meeting. We're not usually on the north side of town so I agreed to go. I figured if they got tired of looking at the tank full of huge fish and the many stuffed animals they have throughout the store, we could always move next door to Target to browse the toy aisles.

As soon as we walked in to Bass Pro Shop, I realized they had already opened their Santa Land.

The first thing I did was get a ticket to see Santa. Though it was only noon, the place was packed. Luckily, they handed out tickets telling you what time to be in line to see Santa so you could spend your time doing other things (shopping) instead of getting frustrated in line. Our designated time was 2pm. With ticket in hand, we headed straight to the Santa Land activities where The Girl busied herself coloring,

And The Boy waited in line for the cross bow darts.

Then while The Girl tested HER cross bow skills,

The Boy moved on to the rifles (I think they were laser rifles).

The Girl and I started up a game of checkers but needed to finish up quick because being next to the popcorn stand was making us hungry!

We decided to head on over to the fish tanks.

After watching the fish for awhile, The Girl left to make a quick craft - a Bobber Santa...

Then we toured more of the store.

(This place is REALLY BIG!) We explored the many HUGE tents they had on display...

and even found a gift for Mr. LH (we had to quickly purchase it and have it gift wrapped so he couldn't see what it was when he came back).

By then, it was about time to get in line for Santa. We still had to wait about 30 minutes, but eventually, we were in front...

And boy, was he surprised to hear what The Girl was pushing for this year! (She looks almost apologetic for requesting so much...)

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