Sunday, November 20, 2011

Re-Creating the Ami Zombie

As soon as I posted pictures on Facebook of the "Garden Variety Zombie" from Plants vs. Zombies that I made for The Boy, my brother asked for one.

That was in September. I had already considered making one for him, but I really needed a break from it. Yarn burns and cramped fingers do not encourage constant amigurumi creating.

Just before Thanksgiving, with Christmas only a few weeks away, I started making my brother's Zombie. It is based on the boy pattern in my Complete Idiot’s Guide To Amigurumi book but the head has to be adjusted to account for the gaping mouth and bulging eyes. The body has a shirt, vest, jacket and tie, the clothing edges are "ragged" and the pants have part of a leg completely ripped off to expose part of the leg and knee.

The boy pattern in my Complete Idiot’s Guide To Amigurumi really doesn't take long to make, but with all the adjustments to the pattern, the zombie seems to take FOREVER. Several hours after I started, I only had the head completed (minus the hair, though). It looked like a squashed Kermit the Frog. An hour or so later, part of the body was done.

It didn't appear that this Zombie would look quite as happy as his predecessor, but it was coming along nicely. By the end of the 2nd night, I had finished the body - as well as all the clothes for it and had started on one of the arms...

Maybe I'll be done by Thanksgiving.  I was constantly concerned that I wouldn't have time to complete all my projects before Christmas. I still had The Boy's Lego Mini-figure to make, The Girl's lap afghan (I had already finished one for The Boy and one for Elder Boy) and I wanted to make some Star Wars ami's for Mr. LH, too.

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Dee said...

That's pretty funny...

Anonymous said...

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