Friday, November 25, 2011

My Black Friday

It's the biggest shopping day of the year, though you'd be hard pressed to find me out and about with half the population losing all sense of manners and putting myself in danger of sustaining bodily harm just to save a few bucks. Although, the sales sometimes make us venture out hours after the first (and second and third and fourth) rush of shopping madness has past. For instance, last year on Black Friday Mr. LH and I bought a TV. We weren't in line at midnight to get the $300 off mega-deal, but we did get a nice one later that night for about $100 off retail (and we didn't have to fight any crowds). Earlier that day, we headed over to the Lego Outlet with the kids at Colorado Mills Mall. The mall was crowded, but not horribly so.

This year we hadn't planned on going anywhere. The Girl had a birthday party to go to that evening but for the rest of the day, we were in our pajamas just kind of enjoying each doing our own thing but still being together. Does that make sense at all? The one activity we did together was to put up our Christmas tree - just as far as the lights. The decorating will come later.

After we ate our dinner of leftover turkey with all the fixings, we got ready to take The Girl to Skate City for the birthday party. Then I got the brilliant idea (well, I thought it was brilliant) to go to the fabric store while she was at the party. They were having their Black Friday sale with $1.49/yard flannel, I had a 20% off coupon AND I had Christmas presents to make. So after dropping The Girl off, that's where we headed.

Mr. LH and The Boy wandered around, looked through cake and candy books to find recipes for me and were otherwise thoroughly bored (though The Boy also found a great pirate print that I'll have to pick up at a later date). But they were good sports. It got a bit ridiculous when I had to wait in line to get my fabric cut (45 minute wait) and I was getting antsy because we still had to pick The Girl up but eventually it was my turn.

Seven different projects in this pile...
From this, I plan to make (from the bottom of the pile to the top):

  1. Santa gift pouches. Santa presents have always (and I mean ALWAYS) been wrapped in plain gold wrapping paper. It hasn't been a problem except now PLAIN gold paper (without the embossed patterns or prints) is becoming increasingly hard for Santa to find. So this year "he" is going eco. Santa presents will now be presented in a fine Santa sack in red corduroy with a white "fur" trim (all machine washable) and closed with a gold drawstring cord (pictured on the very top of the pile). Now hopefully I'll have them ready in time for Santa to use them. I'm still brainstorming how I'll do the tags every year.
  2. The next 7 fabrics in the pile are for 4 sets of flannel pillowcases. I got the idea from from sister-in-law who shared a link to a pillowcase tutorial on her blog. I'll make the cotton ones another time but the flannel is what was on sale :).
  3. The final 4 fabrics (pictured at the top of the pile) are to make several Box Pouches I found  while trolling through random blogs one day. They are practical, look great, seem easy to make and you need so little fabric that I just selected some prints from the remnant pile at the store.

Sooo...add those projects to my already large list of others. I will definitely not have time to be bored this holiday season!

The biggest shopping day of the year and the only place we ventured was the fabric store. I may be nuts, but I'm happy :)

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