Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handmade Flannel Pillowcases

Earlier last week, my sister-in-law shared a link to a great pillowcase tutorial. Of course, I checked out (and bookmarked) the tutorial knowing full well I wanted to come back to it sooner rather than later. Though I didn't expect it to be so soon. This project was fresh in my mind when I received a sale email from Jo-Ann advertising $1.49/yard flannel on Black Friday.

I didn't get too crazy matching fabrics. In fact, I think I was rather conservative. As I get the hang of this I might try some different combinations. I bought enough flannel to make 8 pillowcases (then I had to be patient and WASH them all before I got started - my LEAST favorite part of sewing anything). I didn't figure in for shrinkage and fraying during washing and flannel does both - badly. I am glad I washed them before making them though because if I hadn't, the finished product would have wound up skewed after the first wash. I still wound up with enough fabric to make 7 pillowcases, though.

This was a very easy project. Aside from cutting and pinning (and washing and ironing...ugh), the longest part was having to change my thread color several times! The hardest part is simply choosing the fabric :)

Now to get started on the next project...

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Joy said...

Yay for fun pillowcases! My kids love theirs (and I still want to make them some holiday pillowcases...we'll see if I find the time.) I hope your kids love them too!