Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween and Potato Soup

This past week has done a number on my nerves. My stress level has been through the roof so I haven't been able to sit down to write about our Halloween. But things are returning to normal now (THANK GOODNESS).

I much prefer years when Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday. As it is, Fall break was last week and the "Pickles" were back at school early on Halloween morning. I knew this afternoon would be rushed with the usual homework and dinner routines but with the addition of costumes, make-up and trick-or-treating, we were really going to be pressed for time. So I wanted to make a filling dinner that they could eat in a jiffy. That turned out to be Loaded Potato Soup.

I stumbled across this recipe at The Country Cook . The nice thing was, I could get everything into the crock pot first thing in the morning and then practically forget about it. By 7:30am, dinner was started, the kitchen was cleaned up and we were headed out the door to get The Boy to school (and I am NOT a morning person so this is a real accomplishment).

It cooks all day in the slow cooker then you simply mash it up a little or a lot (depends on how chunky/creamy you want it), add the cream/milk and serve! I would have preferred making this with Yukon Gold potatoes, but I only had some Jumbo Russets available. I tell you, this 7.5 qt. Crock Pot Mr. LH got me for my birthday has been getting a ton of use lately...

All I had left to do was to get some work done online and around the house and wait for the afternoon to roll around. This was also the day we were scheduled to close on our old house (HOORAY!!!) so I was on pins and needles all day waiting to hear something about that. I never heard anything that all. But as it turns out, the closing happened as it was supposed to and recorded the following day. Unfortunately, I had to become "the squeaky wheel" to make sure the payoff was wired to the bank to pay off our mortgage.

That afternoon, I picked up the "Pickles" as usual and headed home. We decided to eat early - before costumes were put on and make-up was applied. They absolutely loved the soup (I sprinkles cheese on it and served it with a dallop of sour cream). But right in the middle of dinner, the neighbor who was going trick or treating with us knocked on the door and announced she would be starting off with her children at 5pm. Whaaaaat? That was only 50 minutes away and here we were just beginning our dinner! So much for a casual, relaxing meal!

The "Pickles" did manage to get dressed and "made up" with 10 minutes to spare. Thank goodness we had a "dress rehearsal" over the weekend! In fact, it was 5:20 before we ever actually left the house.

The Girl looked really Goth in her get-up. She didn't even look recognizable but she was quite pleased. We painted fangs on her because the plastic ones just were NOT working.

She said next year she wants to be a "Vampire Witch". Um...yeah...we'll see how many times she changes her mind before then.

The Boy looked great in his pirate costume. Once he saw himself in the mirror, he decided to not be a "zombie pirate" as planned. He did opt for a scar on one cheek, though.

Our group of 8 children and 3 adults was out trick-or-treating for 2 hours - and most of that was done before many of the homes were even ready to greet trick-or-treaters.

We came home with much more candy than we will ever eat. I bagged some of it up to send to Elder Boy. We still had people coming by ringing the doorbell until 9pm even though every light in the house (except one upstairs light) was off - including the porch light! The "Pickles" were already in bed!

I love Halloween, but I am very glad it's over because then I get to dive into the Butterfingers...

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Joy said...

Their costumes are great, and it sounds like they had a very nice Halloween. Woohoo for the house closing! :)