Friday, November 18, 2011

Gumdrop Turkey

Every Friday, The Girl's class has what they call "Fun Friday". They have stations they can choose from with crafts, coloring, outdoor activities, etc. They even have a station called "work room" where you have to go if you weren't able to finish your work for that week (the kids don't usually choose that - they just have to go). Today, she chose the craft station.

I love seeing the little fun crafts Elementary schools come up with for kids - especially around the holidays. The Girl came home with a gumdrop turkey that was so cute yet very easy to re-create with gumdrops (and/or sour gummy bears as she has used), Nerds candies (for the eyes), toothpicks to hold everything together and a small amount of icing as "glue" where needed.

As soon as the "Pickles" got home, I had to take a picture because they decided to start eating that turkey...head first...

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