Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Stanley Hotel

I guess with Halloween just around the corner, the local news stations have been showcasing area ghost towns and historic haunted places. Ghost stories have always interested me. A trip to the NC Outer Banks spurred an interest in the areas ghosts, lighthouses and sunken ships. The same thing happened when we took a trip down to Charleston, SC. But I suppose where there is history, there are bound to be ghost stories.

I didn't even realize when we moved to Colorado that this state is home to the Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for the eerie hotel in Stephen King's The Shining.

I love Stephen King novels. He has definitely earned the title "The King of Horror". I have not read the book, but I have watched The Shining...once. That movie, probably more than any other, freaked me out. I think it was the kid. To this day, if Mr. LH wants to spook me, all he has to do is start saying "Redrum". Even thinking about the movie sends chills up my spine.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous. Rooms are available for anything from $129 to $360 depending upon the room size and day of the week but make your reservations early - especially if you are planning a weekend stay. The hotel is old - over 100 years old - so keep that in mind when you visit. There is no AC in the rooms and the heat (from reviews I have read) is not very well regulated. But the service (once again from reviews) is superb!

I won't stay there. I refuse to stay overnight anywhere that is even thought to be haunted. My mind would get the better of me and I'd never get to sleep. Especially in an old building that (even naturally) has creaks and groans. I sure wouldn't mind taking a ghost tour, though. We may have to wait until next summer. But once again, if you decide on the tour make that reservation early - the hotel recommends making tour reservations (which are required) at least one to two weeks in advance.

Now an author has written a book about the hotel and her own experiences there called The History and Haunting of The Stanley Hotel (the link will only take you to the news clip with the author - not the book itself). I believe I might have to check this book out at the library and read up on the Stanley Hotel.

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