Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

It's hard to believe after such a full day as our snow day, that we would have the time or the energy to also carve our pumpkin. But we did.

We bought the pumpkin several weeks ago at the Punkin' Chunkin' festival - our first snow day of the season. But it has been so warm since then, we put off carving the pumpkin. No use having it start to rot and look like a grandpa Jack-o-Lantern before Halloween! So here we were, less than a week before Halloween. Even if it hadn't snowed we probably would have carved the pumpkin just because time was running out!

The "Pickles" have been going back and forth about what kind of pumpkin we should carve. The Girl wanted a vampire or were wolf. The Boy wanted a pirate. Neither would budge a bit. That's how it was when the evening of carving came. So instead of sitting around undecided, I drew a face on the pumpkin and that's what we carved. Neither child had a problem with it.

We took a different approach this year and left the stem attached (instead of carving it out as the "lid"). I read an article recently that said the stem still has a lot of nutrients in it and leaving it intact will help the pumpkin last longer. Instead, we carved out a hole in the back, revealing a different view of the pumpkins innards...

(This was a very thick pumpkin!) Mr. LH was our master carver and the "Pickles" scraped and emptied the inside...

sometimes they stopped to goof off...

and as usual, The Girl was really more interested in the goop than anything else.

We wound up with a pretty neat looking pumpkin! Although, since it has fangs like the vampire The Girl wanted, I guess I need to put an eye patch on it, too...just to be fair to The Boy.

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Joy said...

Cute pumpkin! We're going to carve this weekend. I'll have to try cutting out the back as well. I never heard that about the stem, but I guess it makes sense.