Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Bread with Pecan Coated Brown Sugar Glaze

Oh, YUM! This Pumpkin Bread with a Pecan Coated Brown Sugar Glaze is yet another recipe I found over at The Country Cook and it is delicious (and surprisingly easy to make, too)! With the cool weather upon us and Halloween on top of us, I was in the mood for something pumpkin-y. This recipe jumped out at me and became one of those "try RIGHT NOW" recipes. I didn't want to save it for later and forget I had it.

I must say I was a little worried the bread would fall after rising to a perfectly rounded mound, but it didn't. The brown sugar glaze should be added slowly or in increments to avoid having half of it spill over the sides of your pan. I managed to keep most of it on the bread.

The pecans are optional but I love nuts. I even considered adding some to the batter but I think if I do that, I'll need to make 2 loaves instead of just one.

The "Pickles" had a nibble of the bread with their breakfast this morning. They were a bit leery to try something called "pumpkin bread" (are they really that sheltered?) and kept calling it banana bread instead. It received thumbs up from both of them and The Girl even took some to school for her morning snack.

Hop on over to The Country Cook to get the recipe. She even has a printable version available for you to download.

On another note, I feel very justified in showing Brandie over at The Country Cook some extra link love. Not only have I found a wealth of fantastic easy recipes on her blog that my family loves, but I was also fortunate enough to win a copy of Prairie Home Cooking in a recent contest she held!

I know what I'll be reading for the next couple of weeks!

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