Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Movie Tavern - Finally!

Before we even moved out here to join Mr. LH, we were hearing about The Movie Tavern from him. It's a movie theater with a full menu and wait staff so you can enjoy a night out for dinner and a movie at the same time under one roof. You can even choose to enjoy an after movie drink and/or dessert in their dining area. We had something similar in NC many years ago called the Cinema Pub. That was a spooky place, but The Movie Tavern seemed to be on a much higher scale.

As of next week, the "Pickles" and I will have been in Colorado for one year and we had not yet taken them to The Movie Tavern. Will and I had gone once and I took my mom there once but never before have they shown a children's movie that we all wanted to see, so the "Pickles" had yet to experience it. That is, until we saw Dolphin Tale was showing over the weekend.

Last summer, when the "Pickles" spent several weeks with their NC grandparents, they visited family in Florida and spent a day at the Clearwater Aquarium.

There, they heard about Winter, the dolphin (they didn't actually get to see her). The Girl must have really been paying attention that day at the aquarium. During phone calls from them for most of the remainder of their vacation, we would hear about Winter and her tail instead of the new sites they were seeing on the road. If she got a detail wrong, The Boy would jump in to correct her. They knew right from the start that they wanted to see the movie. I knew I was glad it wasn't an animated movie (there's only so much I can take of those before I have to see a film with real people in it), so we decided to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon at the movies.

We chose to go to a matinee so all the tickets were $5 each - adults and children. Of course, although movie ticket prices have increased over the years, the food is where most of your money goes and The Movie Tavern is no exception. Since it was the middle of the afternoon and we didn't want to completely spoil their dinner, we chose to let the "Pickles" get something off the children's menu (which included a drink) and Will and I split some nachos. You can even have just popcorn if you so desire but for the cost of popcorn, you may as well get one of the more substantial appetizers. The food is good, but not great. You can view the menu on their website.

Seating is arranged in tiers with large comfortable chairs (big executive-sized office chairs) rolled up to a long table or with 2 chairs sharing a small table between them. Every 2 chairs has a switch/light between them that you can use to call a server if you happen to need them during the movie. We've found that servers come often enough that we don't usually need to call them. I was surprised the coming and going of servers didn't really interrupt the movie at all.

It's probably best to try to get there a little early (they recommend 30 minutes) so you can go ahead and view the menu and order before the film starts. Once the film starts, the lights dim, but you can still see your food to eat with no problem. The server brings your check about 10 minutes before the movie ends.

We all enjoyed the show. The movie was a bit jumpy in places (not the film strip, but the scenes in the movie) but it had a great story and I am a big Morgan Freeman fan (though he wasn't in the movie a lot). I even wound up teary eyed several times.

We still need to check out their "Flapjacks and a Flick" (which I believe has been renamed "Breakfast and a Flick"). On Saturdays and Sundays at 9am, you can take in a show and eat breakfast.

Don't think I'm singing The Movie Tavern's praises and saying "You HAVE to go there." I'm not. I'm just saying that for a theater that is less than a half a mile from the house with a lunch/dinner menu, it's a neat place to go. I'm surprised it has taken us this long to go as a family.

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