Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Treats

I don’t usually make special treats for Halloween. Frankly, I never really had the time. I’m always on the lookout for great themed Halloween goodies and save them for future use - meringue bones, spooky cupcakes, creepy cookies, etc. I worry that unless I start making them now, it will wind up being my grandchildren enjoying them rather than my children.

This year, I found a Halloween themed Wilton candy coated cookie mold to be used with Oreo cookies. It had 8 sections – 4 cats and 4 pumpkins. The “Pickles” insisted I get it. Truth be told, I didn't argue with them much about it.

I've been baking steadily since the weather cooled enough to turn on the oven so we've had a pretty decent stream of desserts around the house for several weeks. I finally got a moment between the sweets (and before Halloween) to try out my new Wilton mold.

I must have been awhile since I made anything using a chocolate candy mold because I had a horrible time making these. There was either too much chocolate or too little chocolate. The colors were running together. It took too much time to make and then too much time to cool and harden. In fact, I only made the first eight cookies and then resorted to a much faster (and I think a much nicer looking) chocolate covered cookie.

I dipped each cookie into the melted chocolate candy and set it on wax paper to cool. Once all the cookies were coated in dark chocolate, I melted both Green Candy Melts and Orange Candy Melts and drizzled them one after another over the cookies. MUCH faster, still attractive and just as yummy. I should have known this earlier since I had the same issue with chocolate covered  pretzel rods. It’s so much easier to dip and drizzle than it is to make a perfect candy mold.

I think I’ll be giving away the Wilton candy mold.

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