Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning Walk

The Girl and I usually walk to her school in the mornings. If we're having the unusual rainy morning, I'll drive her to school, but otherwise, even in the snow, we'll walk.

Our favorite path is one we didn't discover until late the previous school year. It's a green way and unlike others that have been left to native grasses and flowers, this one is full of aspens and apple trees and thick green grass...

...though you do spot the occasional dandelion patch. The Girl does her part to keep the dandelion population thriving.

There is even a small playground on the way to the school. The Girl will often run ahead of me so she has time for a quick swing or a trip down the slide before we continue on.

This is a popular place for dog-walking and we've spotted several squirrels and even a pair of mallard ducks here. We would love to find a house that backs up to one of these beautiful, peaceful green ways.

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