Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Zombie

I mentioned previously The Boy’s request to make a “regular garden variety zombie” from his Nintendo DS game, Plants vs. Zombies. He wanted it "complete with the cone".

They look like a happy bunch, don't they?

I started the zombie on September 5th, Labor Day (The Boy even helped me pick out the yarn colors) almost as soon as Jack Skellington was completed. By Tuesday, I had the head, face and torso finished (those were the hardest parts so I wanted to get the done as quickly as possible). My fingers were so cramped from the tight stitches that I switched to another project, a multi-colored 49 block Warm Up America afghan from Vanna’s Choice Color It Beautiful Afghans.

I had previously borrowed the book from the library and later used my 40% off coupon at Joann’s Fabrics to purchase it. I fell in love with the photo of the Warm Up America afghan and knew I had to make it.

I told Will once that if I could make a washcloth (which was the ONLY thing I had ever crocheted up until a few weeks ago) then I could make an afghan. So I set out to prove it.

I finished 8 of the 49 blocks that day and started back on the zombie Wednesday. The Boy would come home and find a new piece of the Zombie completed...a couple arms in place, one leg, etc.

On Friday, I was done.

He looks a bit happier than the zombie pack on the video game box.

I even managed to fashion a crocheted cone for the zombie to wear on his requested. The Boy was having a bad day from school but as soon as he walked in the door and saw his cone-topped zombie waiting for him (though a bit early for his birthday), his mood brightened tremendously.

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I was browsing the internet for Plants Vs. Zombies images and stumbled on your knitted zombie.