Sunday, September 25, 2011

Backyard Camping

Since it was officially Fall, Mr. LH and the "Pickles" decided it was a good weekend to camp in the back yard. They had enjoyed a backyard camp-out earlier in the year in their smaller tent, but this time The "Pickles" (with Daddy's help, of course) set up the big tent under a brilliant sky.

Since we've had several backyard camp-outs in the past in North Carolina and at least one cub scout camping trip in the past, The Boy has become pretty good at setting up a tent.

But The Girl was quite the little helper as well, taking her job as "tent stake pounder" quite seriously.

Night temperatures have been dipping into the low 50's recently, but they announced the next morning that they slept soundly snuggled deep in their sleeping bags.

One of these days we might actually leave home to go camping...but not too soon. I have a thing against finding bears in my campsite.

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