Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Pastry Lesson

When I mentioned I found a recipe for a Shortcut Cheese Danish, the first thing The Girl asked was "What's a danish?"

I told her it was a type of pastry. "What's a pastry?" she asked.

"Something yummy and sweet. Do you want to help me make it?" She immediately grabbed her apron.

I love cheese danishes so when Pillsbury's Facebook page had a link to a blog with a quick and easy cheese danish recipe, I had to investigate. The shortcut, of course, was crescent rolls.

They are not the most healthy thing you can make, but they are easy, they are fast, they are yummy, and I had a great time making them with my daughter! I think once the weather cools and we can have the oven going for longer periods, The Girl and I might try to make more difficult cinnamon rolls or croissants...maybe even danishes from scratch. But for now, these work like a charm!

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