Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To School

August 22nd marked the beginning of the new school year for the "Pickles". We had already attended The Boy's open house at his new middle school where he got to pose with the school mascot, the husky.

I was surprised The Girl's school wasn't going to have an open house. We wouldn't meet her teacher until they were lining up outside the school on the first day.

Our new schedule, with each of them in a different school, changed our routine a bit. The Boy didn't live far enough from the school to be able to ride the bus, but I was worried about having him walk the mile and a half across busy streets to get to school by 8:10 am, so I got the "Pickles" ready early enough to drive him to school. Then The Girl and I had about 15 minutes back at home to relax (or in my case, get a few chores done) before we headed off to her school.

We both still preferred walking the half mile to her school and I'm sure my body appreciated the additional exercise. We have 2 different paths we like to take, each with its own benefits. On the 1st day of school we followed the path along the greenway but on the 2nd day of school, we chose to cut across a greenway and follow the roads. We came across a beautiful sunflower plant in bloom (they seem to grow wild along many of the roads here) and The Girl insisted I take her picture.

While The Boy was a bit nervous about starting middle school, The Girl was very happy to go back to school. She's my little socialite...

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