Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Flight

Last summer, The Boy spent a week with my parents in Tennessee. He learned to sail and he played on the beach of the lake, but his favorite part of the trip was fishing with Papaw. We wanted to give him the opportunity again this summer but with the additional 1000 miles between us and the grandparents made planning such a trip hectic.

We lucked out when Frontier started to offer direct flights to Knoxville for cheaper than usual airfare. It was low enough so Mr. LH and I could escort both children to Knoxville, drop The Boy off with my parents, drive The Girl to NC to stay with Mr. LH's parents and then fly out of Knoxville back home to Colorado. The kids would get an extra long vacation with their grandparents (The Boy meeting up with The Girl during part of the stay), the grandparents, in turn, could spend time with the Pickles, and Mr. LH and I could take care of "boring" business in Colorado (house hunting) without having to worry about entertaining the kids.

The "Pickles", now 7 and 11 years old, had never been on an airplane before so this trip was going to be even more exciting for them. We packed lightly and carefully so everything could be carried on to the plane and we wouldn't have any problems getting through security. We needed to make sure the kids had everything they would need for their vacation, but also things to keep them busy on their long car-ride back home in August.

Severe storms were brewing on the day we were to fly out of Denver. Apparently, monsoon season came a bit early and was a bit more extreme than normal (I didn't even know they HAD a monsoon season in Colorado).

Luckily, the worst of the storms had passed by the time our flight was scheduled to leave.

Everything about the airport excited the Pickles. Since they had never gone beyond security before when we would drop people off or pick them up, they didn't know about the train that takes you from the main terminal to the concourses.

They were excited about all the escalators they got to ride (we counted five one way) and the moving sidewalks that The Girl kept stopping on right before we got to the end (I almost fell over her one time).

Once on the plane, they wanted to fiddle with all the buttons - the controls for the tv, the light, the air vent, the seat...

It was "Coco's" first flight, too.
It was late afternoon when we left so they could see the Rocky Mountains in the distance...

The sun setting above the top layer of clouds...

and the night time lights below as we neared Knoxville at dusk. But I think it was the complimentary chocolate chip cookie that won them over.

They definitely enjoyed their first plane ride and wished they could fly back home. But they can't do that because we've purchased and packed up a bunch of delicious Cheerwine in North Carolina for them to bring back to Colorado with them in the car...

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