Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Earth Box Harvest

Needless to say, I was thrilled to finally be able to harvest some beans from my Earth Box crop. I got a whopping 2 beans from it as early as June 8th and another five beans on June 11th. I just wash them and freeze them until I have enough for a meal. It's funny how exciting it is to search through the vines over and over again and finally spot a bean camouflaged among the leaves!

There are lots of small beans maturing on the vines right now and even more blossoms showing up every day!

The Earth Box itself has been holding up well to the occasional downpours and high wind gusts that come through. Once I decided to stop constantly bringing the box inside during inclement weather, it has stayed parked in the same spot and only budged a tiny bit when we has some really high winds come through.

The plants have reached the top of the stakes and have spilled over in just the last couple of weeks.

The Girl was so excited to pull the first beans from the plants last week and even more excited about finding all the baby beans hidden among the leaves. I'm hoping there will still be some harvesting to do when the "Pickles" come back from their long vacation in August.

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