Monday, July 4, 2011

Cooling Off At Pirate's Cove - Englewood, CO

Although June brought some pretty high temps, July seems more like the official beginning of summer. To welcome in the month and start off a great July 4th weekend, we headed out on July 1st to Englewood, CO to explore Pirate's Cove, a city run water park.

As far as water parks go, it was small, but it was packed full of fun...and plenty big enough for us. There is a lazy river that winds its way beneath three water slides...

... a 750 gallon "dump bucket", water shooters and play structure in a kid zone that has water levels from zero to 3ft 6 inches (perfect for kids that just want to play around)...

and a larger public pool style swimming pool with deeper water, roped off areas for swimming laps, a short tube slide and a diving board. There was even a sand filled play area where children could take their buckets and shovels and create masterpieces.

The park had lots of lounge chairs and picnic tables, but with all the people there, everything was filled up. We were able to spread out an over-sized beach towel on one of the many patches of soft grass to create our "landing zone" for our stuff.

Our valuables could be kept in a locker that charged 25 cents each time you needed to open it. It came in handy for the car keys, wallet and the camera. We were also able to bring in a cooler full of drinks and lunch - which was nice to help keep expenses down.

For less than $40, the four of us got all day admission to the park and had a fun-filled day. Pirates Cove is definitely a place we'll venture off to again!

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