Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day On The Prairie

We hadn't been to the Plains Conservation Center since December when we attended Christmas In The Soddies with the "Pickles", but a gorgeous lazy Saturday followed Elder Boy's graduation day and practically begged for us to get out and enjoy it.

Since the Plains conservation center is only a few minutes from the house, we thought we'd head up that way and take my parents along for the ride. If nothing else, we'd get a nice walk on a beautiful day!

We started our self-guided tour in the main building where there were snakes and lizards on display as well as some basic information about the eco-system of the plains.

There were even some cute baby turkeys being fostered there.

We soon headed outside. The land seemed to go on forever and the swells of land kept most of the center's destination areas hidden from view. There were signs posted warning us of rattlesnakes, so we mainly kept to the trails and the road.

The Girl determined our route when she started to head east on a trail toward the tepees in the distance...

...and then further east passing an old wagon that appeared to be left behind on the trail...

...and on toward the sod village we had visited in December.

After visiting with the chickens, cows and a local rabbit we found hiding out in the shade, we started up the road toward the main building. The side of the road was lined with old farm equipment that had to be investigated.

Prairie dogs hills and interesting plants were scattered about on either side of the road.

Back at the main building, we followed a prairie dog to its burrow and located a pile off various rocks that could be held, examined, compared and played with. It's amazing how much this pile of rocks kept the kids busy...

It was nice to be able to stroll through to the things that interested us and take a closer look at "days gone by". We also liked being able to hear the constant chatter of the prairie dogs as we neared and see the rabbits bounding through the tall grass. All in all, I believe everyone enjoyed the day. 

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Joy said...

That looks like a fun place for exploring. I know Elizabeth would love the "school of rocks". :)