Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Spring Student Show

May 5th marked the 2nd Student Film Show that Mr. LH and I attended for the Colorado Film School. Leaving the "Pickles" home with Elder Boy, we dressed up and headed out on our "date".

After seeing the productions presented at the Fall show, I knew I wanted to attend again and again. The show couldn't take place at the Harkins Theater again so it was to be held at The Historic Paramount Theater.

The theater itself was beautiful! The theater interior still showcased the original silk tapestries from the 1930's.

Looking up toward the balcony of the Paramount Theater

It was a wonderful place to hold the show, adding to the feeling of glitz and glamour that you would expect from a "mini-Academy Awards" ceremony. The reception that immediately followed in the balcony lobby was also very nice and gave me a chance to meet with some of Mr. LH's students.

About a block away from the theater, Mr. LH and I even discovered a pedestrian mall we'd like to explore another day.

pedestrian in downtown Denver

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