Friday, April 22, 2011

How Many Ways Can You Make A Poptart?

Yep, you read that right...MAKE a poptart! My Sister-In-Law shared a recipe link for "Homemade Healthy Poptarts" and I absolutely had to give it a try...immediately. I had all the necessary ingredients and a couple hours to spare (okay, I was so excited about it that I MADE time for it). I also had some mango jam calling my name!

We also tried these with Strawberry jam, cream cheese and jam, and peanut butter & jelly (or jam). The kids suggested peanut butter and honey (yum!), and while I am NOT a fan of Hot Pockets, the thought of filling these with pepperoni and cheese did cross my mind.

We now have a stash of these in the freezer - though they won't last too long. The Boy and Mr. LH are both taking them in their lunches. The Girl opted for a large rice cake (made fresh at the asian grocery store) spread with mango jam in her lunch box.


Here is the original recipe for "Homemade Healthy Poptarts".

I've made this recipe several ways (It was a daily thing while I experimented), but so far the one everyone seems to like the best is using 2 cups white flour and 1.5 cups wheat flour. I think once the kids get more used to eating more whole grains, I'll be able to cut back on the white flour more. The Boy likes to eat his turkey sandwiches on multi-grain bread, but his peanut butter sandwiches have to be on white bread. (sigh)

I've also tried the recipe with both plain yogurt and with milk instead of the yogurt. The yogurt version was better and easier to work with.

This makes a huge batch of dough! I split the dough into 3 balls and rolled each out separately.

Definitely let the dough sit awhile! This made it MUCH easier to work with. Roll it out thin (and I mean THIN). My first batch turned out good but really too dry from all the dough. For the second batch, I made the dough thinner and they were much, much better.

Jam vs. Jelly: definitely jam...or spreadable all-fruit. The jelly just seemed to melt and ooze out the sides more.

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Joy said...

That's awesome! I'm glad to know it works better when you leave it out for a while. Ours was pretty thick. I'll definitely try again and make it thinner.