Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enjoy the Weather! It's the Only Weather You've Got

I remember years ago I would listed to WSJS talk radio in North Carolina and Joe Bastardi would always finish up his weather reports with "Enjoy the weather. It's the only weather you've got." I remind myself of that every time I go outside now and the temperatures are below freezing - almost below zero most mornings this time of year.

A couple months ago we were all wondering where the snow was. After the last few weeks, we've stopped wondering. Snow seems to be almost a weekly thing. And when the temp start to climb upwards and we get a couple of sunny "warm" days to enjoy, we know that just means more cold and frozen precipitation is on the way.

The Pickles seem to take it in stride. With the exception of a few bitterly cold morning walks to school, they gaily make their way with me down the road - stepping lightly over the icy patches and kicking balls of snow along the sidewalks. We take our time walking home in the afternoons and they'll dig around in the snow, make snowballs, look for animal footprints or just take in the scenery.

They wonder sometimes why schools closed so much in NC for snow. "Because so many people drive to school there but a lot of people here can walk if they have to," I would tell them. Then they would ask why we didn't walk to school in NC. We did live practically next door to the school. The truth is, I don't know. Most of the time, I just hopped in the car and drove around the corner to the school. On really nice days, I would walk up to their school to pick them up and it just caused all sorts of confusion with the kids and the staff (Who walks to the school to pick their kids up?). Again, I think it's just a different mindset.

When the temp dropped well below zero here a couple weeks ago (27 below), the Pickles were out of school for a couple days. We only had a couple inches of snow on the ground so they didn't understand what the problem was. I told them, "So many children walk to school here and it's just too cold to even go outside right now." It was my first experience with temperatures so low and I was worried about keeping them warm on the way to school (and myself warm for the trip back).

As soon as the extreme cold ended and they went back to school, the snow came again. It snowed so much, classes had a "biggest snowman building content" at school.

Looking at the size of the boulders they rolled, I think they got wrapped up in the "biggest" part of the contest and forgot they had to actually create a snowman. It made for a great photo opportunity that afternoon, though.

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Joy said...

Those snow boulders are huge! It's great that everyone walks to school there. So much better than always being the in the car for a short trip. I imagine it's easier to concentrate after a brisk walk too. :)