Friday, December 31, 2010

There's No Day Like A Snow Day!

As the year wound down to an end, the thermometer dropped drastically and storm fronts aligned to give us our first real snow of the season. It wasn't the whopping 10+ inches we were expecting (and hoping for), but after a month of nothing but a dusting, the 4 inches of powder that fell all day Thursday and into Friday was a welcome sight.

The "Pickles" had watched the weather reports and knew how cold it was expected to get so they stayed inside most of the morning watching the flakes float down.

The Girl made a "soft house" in a section of their room and held "voice lessons" for her stuffed animals.
The Boy occupied himself with his Legos.

The quiet time didn't last long. Before the ground was covered, the kids were out in the back yard sword fighting...

and trying out the sled Grandpop had brought them from North Carolina (the same sled Mr. LH had played with when he was a boy).

We even saw lot and lots of actual SNOWFLAKES! Not the blobs of frozen slush that we've gotten used to seeing in the east (though they get that here, too...the news people call THAT kind "Sierra Cement" and call THIS kind "champagne powder").

I tried to convince the kids to look at them through a magnifying glass, but they were lured away by the snow already covering the ground.

We had hoped for larger quantities since the snow was falling all night long, but by Friday morning, we had about three inches on the ground. The "Pickles" were up bright and early and ready to play in it.

The Boy made "fossils" in the snow...

to go with The Girl's snow angel.

Mr. LH piled snow into a heap to create a small hill for them to slide down.

He and I were just bemoaning the fact that we hadn't found a pair of snow pants for The Girl when our neighbor came over with a pair her daughter had outgrown. Wouldn't you know it, they fit perfectly! I'm sure she appreciated it as the day wore on...

The kids, along with a neighbor, spent the afternoon sledding down the driveway "snow ramp" into the empty snow-packed street. Of course, we were watching for cars.

At about 4:30 in the afternoon, we found out it was only 5 degrees outside! If this were NC, we would have gone inside long ago! But without the humidity, hardly any wind, and thick snow gear on, the kids were happy to play outside as long as we would let them.

When they finally trudged inside, their cheeks red from the cold, we warmed up with a round of hot cocoa and started a game of Scrabble.

The sun set on a perfectly wonderful day - the last day of 2010.

After a hot meal, we all settled in on the couch snuggled in blankets to await the new year.

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