Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Winding Down

"If you don't like the weather, stick around for a half hour or so..."

The snow showed up..."multiple inches" as Elder Boy put it. It was enough for the "Pickles" to attempt making an "igloo" in the back yard. Their igloo wasn't quite large enough to fit in, though. It was more like a hill with a hole in it. Then just as that snow started to go away and we were enjoying a few days of sunshine, the snow came again...just a couple of inches...enough to cover the mud and make everything pretty again.

A couple days later in the middle of the afternoon I thought I heard rain hitting the skylights. Come to find out, it was sleet. Alot of it. Sleet fell in driving sheets and covered the yard in a matter of minutes...then completely stopped. The blue skies and sun were back in full force and we were left just standing there trying to figure out what kind of weather system just came through.

The crazy weather makes for some gorgeous sunsets, though! We still marvel at them.

Last night, Mr. LH and I looked outside and said to each other, "Is that snow?" Light flakes were drifting down - and apparently had been doing it for awhile. The back yard was once again white. This morning, we woke up to a mere 1/4 inch on the ground.

We don't even bother watching the weather anymore. We just go with it. Whatever happens, happens.

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