Sunday, January 2, 2011


I know that come wintertime, the dryer air and thick woolen clothing create the perfect environment for static electricity, but this is ridiculous! It doesn't matter what we wear, how much lotion we use, what humidity setting the furnace is set to, or how many times we "test touch" things, we get (or give) electric shocks.

It's not unusual to give bedtime kisses to the kids in a dimly lit room and see sparks flying.

Laundry is even more "fun" then it used to be. Why bother using dryer sheets? You can hear the crackle and pop with every piece of clothing or bedding.

The weirdest shocks have come from a loaf of bread (sitting on a metal cooling rack) and the sheet rock wall (did they line it with metal?).

We left our dehumidifier in NC where it would continue being of service. Looks like we'll have to put a monster sized humidifier in service here...maybe several.

The static has become increasingly worse since September so if you come by the house to visit and we smack you before we hug you, it's just because we're trying to get rid of that surge of static electricity...

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