Monday, January 10, 2011

All is Back to Normal...I Think

The stress of the past week has finally started to subside. With the launch of our website, Simply Housewares, My partner and I can sit back and take a moment to breathe...but only a moment. There is still so much to do.

Six months of work all came together in an instant. I believe when it was ready to go, we were both thinking, "There's GOT to be something more to do before we launch it." Well, everything had been tested and re-tested and frankly, what was left could wait until after we "opened". So yesterday, on January 9th, 2011, we launched our website. Now, it's back to work to make it even better.

While I was in my office all day yesterday updating, changing and networking, getting the word out about the site, the snow fell. It started early in the morning and continued into the night. The "Pickles" never ventured outside this time, though there was plenty of fresh powdery snow to keep them busy. They seemed content running around in their pajamas all day watching movies and reading books.

This morning, after shoveling the driveway a second time in less than 24 hours, the skies revealed their normal shade of blue. The schools were on a one hour delay (the kids didn't seem surprised or disappointed that it was only a delay). We hear their school in NC was cancelled for the day before a flake ever touched the ground - however, last week's icy conditions there resulted in one student in a coma so I'm sure the school board didn't want to take any chances.

An hour later than usual, we bundled up and headed out into the wintery world to go to school. Since the bulk of the snow had ended sometime during the night, many sidewalks had not been cleared yet and we were trudging through 5 to 8 inches of it in places. The kids thought it was great fun, but being the "mom", I was panicked their pants would get wet and they would be miserable and cold all day in the classroom. Maybe someday soon I'll be able to relax more and just let things "be".

So now, with the kids safely off to school, Mr. LH and I are home today (he decided to work from home rather than dodge the hurried loonies on the road this morning), both in the office working. There is something comforting, even without conversation, about just being in the same room together.

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