Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Lego Advent Calendar - Day One

The Boy loves Legos. He has loved them for years but never more than he has this year. Everything is about Lego now days so the Lego Advent Calendar was more of a "have to have" Christmas item this year than a "would like to have" item.

The "Pickles" have been waiting for weeks for December 1st to arrive so they could begin the morning ritual of opening one of the doors to reveal their Lego surprise.

This is year three for the Lego Advent Calendar to be a part of Christmas in our home. Last year, the "Pickles" staged the Legos they acquired around a miniature gingerbread village. This year, Lego provided the backdrop as part of the box...a living room scene. Hmmm...I wonder if that gives some clue as to the theme of this year's calendar...

And day one's present...a SNOWMAN!

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1 comment:

Joy said...

How very cool! Philip would love one of those too. We might have to try this next year. :)