Monday, October 18, 2010

Re-Birth in Colorado

How fitting is it that my first full day in my new home in Colorado is also my birthday. Although I would rather do something other than unpack all the boxes I had been staring at for weeks on end, it was nice to wake up next to my husband for the first time in weeks and have the family back together again.

My in-laws were also in town since they had driven the huge moving truck all this way for us so they were able to celebrate with us. We decided to go the The Tavern Lowry for dinner. They had fantastic Buffalo Reuben sandwiches that I had been wanting to dine on since my last taste back in August. It is a sort of Sports bar and can get rather loud so we gathered outside on their large patio to eat. It was a nice dinner, the last we would have with Mr. LH's parents for awhile.

The kids, of course, found something to entertain them...the fish pond and fountain. Water is like a magnet for them.

Though I feel much older than my 37 years right now, I am happy to have finally made the trip out here. It is an opportunity to start again and view this world as though I was newly born.

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