Friday, October 29, 2010

My 2nd Attempt At High-Altitude Yeast Bread

UGH! If I don't get this bread issue down pat, someone is getting a second-hand bread maker for Christmas. Not really, but I sure feel that way right now.

For my 2nd attempt, I kept everything the same from the 1st attempt except I lowered the yeast by 1/4 tsp (as was suggested by the bread maker manufacturer).

The results...oh my! The loaf looked like it had entered a vortex! In the picture, it just looks like it has a dimple in the center. Through the top window, it looked beautiful with about an hour left to go. Sometime in that last hour, the dough had risen over the sides of the inner baker of the machine. I'm guessing that blocked off a good portion of the heat trapping moisture in the top of the machine and causing the entire loaf to fall. It looked like a mold for a tornado! I wonder if I were to make a smaller loaf, if it would do the same thing or turn out nicely since it won't rise high enough to cut off it's own heat source...

Once again, it tasted really good, and The Boy (our tornado fanatic) absolutely loved the new shape. I, however, am going to try again. What's really grating on my nerves, is the realization that once I finally get THIS recipe down pat, I'll have to start again with my wheat bread recipe.

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